14. April


Eden in the current Robb Report

Green instead of gray: The greening of buildings is a trend - In many cities around the world, a new trend can be observed: More and more buildings are being greened. The advantages are obvious: a healthier microclimate and small oases in the middle of concrete and glass. Find out more about four promising projects.
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31. March


We take you to the backstage where all the workers are mobilised for the final works in the common areas.

This is the last straight line before the keyhandover.
We enjoyed a spectacular view and a magnificent sunshine.
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07. March


Spring is coming to Frankfurt…

It’s time to tell you more about the EDEN's green walls!

The plants
We select suitable plants based on façade orientation, wind and climate for every project. Because the living walls at EDEN are all around the building, we have created two assortments: sun and shade.

The system
The living wall system is called the ‘SemperGreenwall’. This system is built up with Flexipanels in which the plants grow. They are pre-cultivated in a glasshouse. Upon delivery the panels have already a coverage of 90 %. An automatic irrigation system (Plant Care System) takes care of the right amount of water and nutrients for the plants. The system is autonomous. With temperature and moist sensors, we can measure different values. The system can be adjusted if anomalies in the humidity values are detected. The irrigation programme is adapted manual to different seasons during maintenance. In winter, Plant Care System deactivates when temperatures outside drop under 2 degrees Celsius. A compressor then blows through the pipes, so that there is no water in the pipes when it starts to freeze.This prevents water from expanding and causing damage to the pipes.

More info about the green wall changes through the seasons: https://sempergreenwall.com/news/a-green-facade-throughout-the-seasons/


22. November


FIABCI Germany

Excellence Award 2022

At the ceremony held on 18th of November in Berlin, the Eden Tower has been awarded with the Bronze Prize in the "Residential" category by the jury of the FIABCI Germany Excellence Award 2022.

Its 2,000 m2 green ecosystem (20% of the facade) with 200,000 plants of over 15 species, makes it one of Europe's tallest green residential facades. Formerly a car park, it's now a 263-unit residential tower with world-class amenities and a vertical plant ecosystem redefining the norms of urban living. This project reinvents urban environments and creates sustainable value.


29. September


Meet our

developer !

In dialogue with Muriel Sam, Head of development at Immobel.
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08. August


EDEN Tower – a full guided tour

with RTL Hessen and immobel

Discover our sky apartment into one of Europe's highest leafy residential towers.

World-class design, sophisticated finishes, thoughtful‚ amenities and services, as well as stunning views of skyline and surroundings.
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04. July


Bees are working

on Eden Tower!

Photographed on our gorgeous green façade, this emphasizes the vital role that bees fulfil in keeping our ecosystem thriving, also the link with nature our residents can appreciate in every season.


07. June


Stylish girl’s chat at

Eden Tower Frankfurt…

Stylish girl’s chat at Eden Tower Frankfurt…

In June 2022, the super model Izabel Goulart and the TV journalist Frauke Ludowig from RTL chosen one of our amazing sky apartments to talk about love, lifestyle and tips for staying healthy.
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27. January


Our Sky showflat

just opened!


Come on by and check out what it’s like living in the clouds! Visit our new show flat on the 22th floor of Eden Tower in Frankfurt!
Frankfurt’s skyline and surroundings not only offer extraordinary views, they are also an intrinsic element of every apartment in Eden Tower, as a daily inspiring backdrop.
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14. October


Eden Tower has reached

its full height!

A new project comes to life! Just one year after the start of works, the structural shell of the Eden Tower has now been completed. In view of the current health situation, Immobel has unfortunately not been able to organise the traditional topping out ceremony. Nevertheless, today we wish to say a big ‘Thank You’ to the workers of @Zublin, whose passion and determination have enabled the tallest residential tower with a planted facade in Frankfurt, and one of the tallest in Europe, to be constructed.
An iconic new building is shortly to transform this area, providing an unparalleled experience to its residents.
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